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RARE PEARLS Informations

Besides Tahitian pearls from Pinctada Margaritifera, Australian and South Sea pearls from Pinctada Maxima,  Akoya from Japan and mussels pearls produced in China lakes, discover 2 TRUE RARITIES AMONG PEARL WORLD

The KASUMI pearl from JAPAN, the IRIDESCENT pearl

  • Color : Champagne, blond, purple, gold, white, large array of color
  • Surface : Specifically wrinkled for that type of pearl, sometimes smooth
  • Shape : often baroque
  • Luster : high IRIDESCENT luster

The SEA of CORTEZ Pearl from MEXICO, The RAINBOW pearl

  • Color :  Champagne with bluish, purple overtones, some shades are not exhibited in the Tahitian pearls
  • Surface : very smooth, very thick nacre
  • Shape : often baroque, mabes
  • Luster : very high due to very thick nacre, deep luster


The rare KASUMIGARA URA pearls or KASUMI are cultivated in the KASUMIGARA URA lake, north of Tokyo.

KASUMI pearls from an hybrid China/ Japan mussel Hyriopsis Schlegelii + Hyriopsis Cumingii.

These pearls are on the scene of freshwaters pearl culture...only since the mid 1990's.

Colors are 100 % natural,  not enhanced, and cultivated in the iridescent mollusk 4-6 years 


The very rare Sea of Cortez cultured pearls have been found more than 2,000 years ago in the Sea of Cortez waters, Gulf of Mexico, near Guyamas. Mayas and Azteques were already dealing pearls!

These pearls are cultivated in the RAINBOW LIPPED oyster PTERIA STERNA.

No more than 5,000 pearls are produced a year, making these pearls the rarest cultivated in the world !

Colors are not enhanced, pearls are removed from the oyster, washed, left 6 hours in mineral oil, then dried

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